Register with our service!

Register with our Service - for Free!

An integral part of our service is the ability to quickly book appointment requests and send out confirmations. Our service requires all participants to be registered with us. This registration is free and simple to set up. Each real estate professional is required to be in our system during the appointment handling process. This speeds up the time it takes to handle your appointment request.

There is no cost to register yourself with us! Its completly free.

Why do I need to Register?

When we take the call from you - the showing real estate professional - we link you to an appointment. This Appointment, or Showing, has your name, firm, contact number and email address. Once a Showing is confirmed, you are then advised of the confirmation by email and/or SMS cellular text message. Its quite handy to have in your phone when you go to home and refer back to the activation code to enter the home.

Do I have to pay for anything, even 1 cent?

Nope. Nothing. Our service is free for the showing agents.

If I don't pay - who pays?

Our service charges a listing fee to each real estate professional that registers their listing with our appointment handling service. A flat-fee is paid by the listing real estate professional.

Are you Already Registered?

We may already have you in our database. You can use this tool to check to see if you are registered, and to update your information once you log in.