Unique and effective services that enhance your business each and every day.

Our Service Lines

Our focus is simple:

  • Appointment Handling, Scheduling & Confirmation
  • Home Feedback Retrieval
  • Listing Management
  • Services to Private Home Sellers
  • Cobranding & Private Lable Services

Appointment Handling & Home Feedback

At the core of our business is handling & managing the appointment schedule for each listing, and providing confirmation to all parties once an appointment has been set.

Appointment Handling Process
Once Time to Show has a listing registered with us, the real estate professional is responsible for updating the internal MLS data to advise of showing real estate professionals of the phone number to divert any calls regarding appointment requests.

Once an appointment is set, scheduled and confirmed, Time to Show will record the appointment in your schedule and follow up for home feedback.

Home Feedback Retrieval
Approximately 4 hours after the appointment has finished, our system will automatically send out a personalized link to the showing real estate professional whereby the real estate professional can easily answer a one page questionnaire up to 5 questions about the showing.

NOTE: Some Agents will not provide feedback as part of their business. While we attempt to achieve feedback, it is not guaranteed. As of 2013, our success record is a 64% feedback retrieval rate (subject to change).

Listing Management
Listing Management We track all the showings of your listing - so you don't have to. This allows you to easily follow up on your showings with the showing agent. Comprehensive reporting allows you to see at a glance the number of showings per listing & number of feedback retreived.

Price changes happen during the life of your listing. We can send out an email blast to all agents who showed the property notifying of the price change. This greatly simplifies managing your listings!

Assistance to Private Home Sellers

As a private home seller, you can use our service as a liason and scheduler for your request home shows. And keep your phone number private until you have an offer. Time To Show can provide professional services to assist with the home show requests and provide feedback to you from your visits.